Disa’s Doodles

Enter through the front door – squeeze through the space between the roller and the window! Sidle along the floor quietly so as not to disturb any sleeping vinyl monsters. Sneak through the office door and turn immediately right to the “studio” – where all the creativity hides out!
A sharp right turn puts you face to face with our designer, decorating our darling customers’ documents with dastardly doodles….. Above Disa’s desk dangles a decorative d-d-d-d-d-panel.
Upon the panel you will see some perfectly positioned post it notes. These notes carry the creative collections of concepts from our favourite customers who have taken time from their travails to truck themselves to Wanaka Signs to treat us to their thoughts and to connect with others of the same persuasion – that of scribblers, doodlers, creative geniuses, time wasters, story makers, generally all sorts of makers of magical mischief in the form of ART.

The first installment in a series of doodles

We’re are now inviting you to add to our creation! When you’re in the office, grab a post it note and add to the doodle board! We’ll be posting results ……. regularly!


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