Puzzling World, Wanaka, New Zealand


Some of our most interesting work has come from Puzzling World, Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Weirdness!

This unique attraction has been fascinating visitors for over 40 years with it’s theme of Puzzling Eccentricity. From the Tumbling Towers to the Great Maze, the Leaning Tower of Wanaka to the Illusion Rooms, Puzzling World continues to confound visitors.

The Tilted House

The Tilted House

There is a great Café where you can relax and test your skills with the many puzzles on the tables. Look up and you’ll see a huge kaleidoscope above. Even the public toilets are fascinating with an extra room which is an imitation of an old Roman-Style bathroom, a magnificent mural on the wall carries this remarkable room on into the distance.

The Illusion Rooms are our favourite; 1. Hologram Hallfrom a large display of 3-D hologram photos; a room where 168 famous faces appear to follow you; a space where you appear to shrink or grow, and where you can watch your appearance on a delayed video output; Ames Rm Web 2another room where objects look to glide uphill; a new gallery filled with incredible illusionary sculptures. These amazing rooms must be seen to be believed and will challenge your perceptions of reality.MeYou ambigram

Outside, the Great Maze encourages problem solving, exercise and fun. Puzzling World invented the modern styled maze with over-bridges to create the world’s first 3 Dimensional Maze.

And in December there is something new promised, according to the sandwich board we have just delivered. And we can’t wait…!

Puzzling World

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