Olivers Restaurant & Victoria Store, Clyde

One project that kept us busy in the Autumn, courtesy of Feast Creative in Queenstown, was the external and internal signage for the refurbished Olivers Restaurant and Victoria Store in Clyde. The stylish 3D signage, hanging signs and gold window decals look great on the historic stone schist buildings. Olivers Restaurant The original stone complex, in Clyde’s historic precinct, was built by Benjamin Naylor in 1869 as a general store, servicing the prospectors who sought their fortunes during the Otago gold rush. Today, in recognition of its outstanding heritage value, Olivers is protected by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. Inspired by the past, owners, Andrea and David Ritchie, have sensitively restored the buildings, including an elegant homestead, the old store, coach sheds, stables and barns and converted them into luxury accommodation, a restaurant, cafe and bakery, store and brewery. The vision is to once again attain the national and international profile enjoyed by the original Olivers restaurant opened by Fleur Sullivan (now of Fleur’s Place, Moeraki) in the 70’s.

The Victoria Store & Brewery

The Victoria Store & Brewery

The Merchant of Clyde Café & Bakery

The Merchant of Clyde Café & Bakery



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